Give trustees the tools and training to deliver

Your trustees and governors set the standards for your organisation. Make sure they have the tools and training to deliver.

Trustee Training offers a range of half and full-day courses to help your trustees and governors get up to speed quickly and operate with confidence.

Run by an experienced charity trustee, executive and chair of a school governing body, the courses combine best practice examples from a range of sectors with real-world experience.


About Trustee Training

With over 15 years experience in the charity and arts sectors, and over 8 years experience in governance, I realised that the same issues were coming up again and again; mission drift, activity with no scrutiny, activity based on instinct and no evidence, difficulties in fundraising and then reporting back to funders, difficulties with outreach and organisations struggling to tell the story of why they exist and what difference they are making.

I saw organisations endlessly busy without growth, saw boards of trustees who mean well but struggle to apply their knowledge and skills in the time-frame available and with the inevitable distance that comes from being a trustee or governor and not on the ground working in delivery. I saw new trustees try to hit the ground running with little induction and some without the understanding of how a strategic overview rather than an operational view works in practice.

And so a career in impact consultancy was born. Trustee Training is the sister company of The Pebble, and allows me to focus on designing and delivering training specifically for the skills and overview required for boards of trustees and governors.

Delivered by Monika Neall

Monika Neall is an experienced director trustee and governor with over 15 years experience in the charity and arts sectors, and over 8 years experience in governance. She has worked with a wide range of organisations to successfully improve their strategy, impact and governance.


“Monika is a dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate person with the strength to influence at any level”

“Monika is an excellent communicator. She is creative, efficient, reliable and fun.”