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Charities exist to make a difference.

Charities exist to solve a problem.

As charity trustees, you have to make sure your charity is making the difference you say it is. You’ll need to be confident to report on your impact. Do you know how?

The word charity is as huge an umbrella term as the word ‘business’, or ‘organisation’, or ‘company’. It includes the smallest PTA in schools, and grassroots organisations set up by individuals, to giant charities like Oxfam and Save the Children who have hundreds of members of staff across multiple countries, all the way to entirely differently structured organisations such as private schools.

They all have two things in common. Funding and impact.

Trustees of charitable organisations are responsible for the fiscal management of the charity and have a legal responsibility to ensure it is well managed. (As a sidenote, it is essential to make sure that your charity has trustee indemnity insurance, and if you are considering joining a charity’s board of trustees, do ask the question before you sign up.)

Trustees must also be confident that your charity is having an impact on the problem it was set up to solve. When you are not involved, and not allowed to be involved, in the day-to -day running of the organisation, it can feel overwhelming to find the evidence you need. You’ll need to make sure that you, and / or the staff can talk about your impact in marketing campaigns, in business meetings, in funding bids, and in reports to stakeholders.

From legal requirements to expectations around fundraising strategies, the role of trustee is both rewarding and daunting. Our trustee training will help you to get to grips with impact measurement and management and how to embed this practice into your regular meetings. We’ll help you to future-proof some of your ideas and strategies to make sure you’re not playing whack-a-mole with issues as they come up.

A trustee away-day (or half day), can help you to strengthen your team and your outcomes.


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