I have over 15 years experience in the charity and arts sectors, and over 8 years experience in governance.  I saw the same difficulties manifest themselves over and over again with each team I worked with. I saw charities struggle with mission drift, staff engaging with activity that was never scrutinised for success, and senior leadership teams develop the vision based on instinct rather than evidence. I saw charities struggling to stay afloat because of problems with fundraising. I saw staff pore over evaluation reports panicking about how to report their impact to funders.  And I saw organisations struggling repeatedly to tell the story of why they exist, what difference they are making and why this matters.

I worked with organisations where staff are so busy delivering day to day work that they cannot see how to develop or grow.  I advised boards of trustees who mean well but struggle to apply their knowledge and skills in the time-frame available.  I saw new trustees try to hit the ground running with little induction and some without the understanding of how a strategic overview rather than an operational view works in practice.

Trustee Training is the sister company of impact consultancy, The Pebble. I work with organisations to review their impact. I support organisations to make organisational change that allows them to have a bigger impact. I work with companies and individuals to develop their strategy; to make their work on strategies meaningful and useful, instead of asking staff members to spend days on a document that sits in a drawer . I help with fundraising and communications by working with organisations to tell the story of why they exist and what they change. Trustee Training focuses specifically on the small teams of volunteers who are responsible for the strategic oversight of a charity or school, but who are not involved in operational running.